About Me

Hey! My name is Silvan Schlegel and I am a passionated photographer, specialized in landscape- and adventure photography, based in the eastern part of Switzerland.

I’ve been practicing my skills for more than 5 years now. As I grew up on the countryside of Switzerland, I always had a deep connection to the nature and the adventures in it, such as hiking or camping. I love the outdoors and to share the views I’ve seen here in Switzerland and around the world. My goal is to inspire people and to motivate them to do what I am already doing. Nature has so much to offer and I think that everybody deserves to enjoy a good view.

In 2015, some friends and me brought “the Alpinists” to life. It’s a small collective of selected photographers who have the same passion for nature. In 2016, I made the effort to show off my work about landscape- photography on my first landscape exhibition.

Thanks for visiting my website. Have a look and enjoy!

Kind regards